Independent Living Movement Ireland

ILMI Submissions

ILMI Submission on the Housing Commissions Public Consultation on a Referendum on Housing

September 2022

ILMI Submission on the Dept of Housing’s Review of Housing Adaptation Grants

July 2022

ILMI Submission to HIQA Home Care Consultation

July 2022

Independent Living Movement Ireland Submission on ADM

January 2022

ILMI Submission to the Review of the Equality Legislation

December 2021

ILMI Submission to the Public Consultation on Disability

October 2021

ILMI Review of the Department of Health Disability Capacity

April 2021

ILMI Submission to the Student Grant Scheme

April 2021

Observations on Ireland’s First Draft Report

April 2021

Submission on the Mental Health Act 2001

April 2021

ILMI Submission on the Dying With Dignity Bill

January 2021

ILMI Submission to the Joint Committee on Disability Matters

November 2020

ILMI Observations on reviewing assessment of Need NCSE

August 2020

ILMI Submission to the Committee on Covid19

June 2020

ILMI Submission in Relation to Enabling Cities

June 2020

ILMI Programme for Government Submission

May 2020

ILMI Submission to the Mid Term Review (NDIS)

November 2019

ILMI Submission to Cost of Disability Research

October 2019

ILMI Submission to Oireachtas Commitee on Housing

June 2019

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