Independent Living Movement Ireland

Strengthening the Organisation

ILMI works to sustain its presence and role as a leading DPO. In this, we will maintain the highest standards of governance, in adhering to the Governance Code, and in accountability and transparency to our members and funders.

ILMI will ensure to meet all legal and financial requirements, such as under the Charities Act 2009, and the Lobbying Act 2015. The Board of ILMI continues to exercise responsibility and oversight for all governance and compliance requirements, taking steps to inform and strengthen its capacity as required.

ILMI members are central to the voice and collective advocacy of the organisation. ILMI works in a manner that engages and accommodates its members so that their voice is central to the positions developed by ILMI and their active engagement is at the heart of the collective advocacy pursued by ILMI.

The staff of ILMI are central to building the organisation and ensuring its impact. ILMI emphasises team-building and cohesion, and skills sharing and collective training to enable staff fulfil this potential.
ILMI will develop annual work plans based on this strategic plan. Annual work plans are devised to ensure a prioritisation of action relevant to the particular moment, and to enable the organisation to stay true to its mission and values while working within the available staffing and financial resources.

ILMI works in a manner that:

  • is aligned with our values, by ensuring our work reflects our core values statements of outcome and process,
  • is reflective, by creating spaces for the staff team to interrogate and celebrate progress and achievements in their work,
  • has a cross-impairment focus, taking time to explore the implications and most effective means of pursuing this approach,
  • demonstrates best practice in relation to reasonable accommodation of the full diversity of disabled people.
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