Independent Living Movement Ireland

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As a DPO (disabled persons organisation) formed to ensure that the voice of disabled people will be heard in campaigns, research and policy development. We will promote the active participation of leaders in all aspects of the work of ILMI: locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The Role of ILMI as a national representative organisation is:
  • To be led in its work by disabled people
  • To promote independent living
  • To challenge inequalities disabled people face
  • To campaign for the human rights of disabled people
If you want to get involved in our work, please sign up for our biweekly ebulletin. It will give you all the information on work that ILMI is involved in, including:
  • Collective campaigns where you can get involved to have your voice heard
  • Local, regional and national meetings where you can shape policy
  • Training and discussions on the philosophy of independent living

To sign up to our eBulletin and see how you can become involved

Your email address will be used solely in relation to the work of ILMI and will not be passed on to any third parties.
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