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ILMI unveils groundbreaking website to empowering disabled activists and allies

In a historic moment marking 75 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI) proudly announces the launch of its innovative website. This platform is set to revolutionise the landscape of disability rights activism, designed not only for disabled activists but for anyone with a genuine interest in advancing the cause of disability rights.

ILMI’s new website features content developed through our innovative online activism course, Strategies for Change (SFC). These groundbreaking resources have been developed to realise ILMI’s strategic values of human rights, collective empowerment and social justice. It is ILMI’s intention to use these innovative online learning materials to support the next generation of activists, fostering a quiet revolution where disabled people not only find their voice, contribute richness to the Irish disability movement but take their rightful place in society.

Key Features of the ILMI website:

  1. Critical Reflective Materials: The website features cutting-edge critical reflective materials that empower disabled people to understand and challenge systems, structures, and approaches to achieve equality and inclusion.
  2. Online Learning Resource: A comprehensive online learning resource, developed through the “Strategies for Change” programme, covers key themes in disability inclusion. Topics include Models of Disability, the Role of Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs), Independent Living, Sexuality and Disability, Principles of Community Development, Public Sector Duty, Disability and the Media, Disability and Culture, Equality Legislation, and the History of Disability.
  3. Contributors: The SFC Resource boasts contributions from key disabled activists, academics, and notable partners such as the National Women’s Council, IHREC, NUI Maynooth, Treoir, Values Lab, and more.

Launch Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, 12th December
Time: 10:30 am
Location: IHREC’s Premises, 16-22 Green St, Rotunda, Dublin 7, D07 CR20

ILMI is honoured to have the Minister of State for Community Development, Integration and Charities, Mr. Joe O’Brien, officiate the unveiling of the new website. Minister O’Brien said: “ILMI’s website is a landmark initiative that amplifies the voices of disabled people and helps further progress a transformative movement for inclusive change. I am proud to be part of this historic launch.”

ILMI Chairperson, Des Kenny, emphasised the significance of the SFC Resource, stating, “Our website embodies ILMI’s commitment to fostering a society where disabled people not only find their voice, contribute richness to the Irish disability movement but take their rightful place in society. It is a testament to the resilience and strength of the disability rights movement in Ireland.”

Damien Walshe, ILMI’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “The resources we are unveiling are testament to ILMI’s dedication to empowering disabled people. This online platform is a dynamic tool for education, collaboration, and action, providing resources that inspire change and advance the cause of disability rights.”

To become part of collective change whether locally or nationally, ILMI believes in the importance of learning from peers by “stretching the activism muscle” for strength and growth. Collective empowerment and realisation of human rights is about identifying barriers and challenges, analysing oppression, and collectively bringing about change in systems and structures. Disabled people should be able to dream of their best lives just like everyone else.

Join ILMI at this significant event, where the focus is on building a shared analysis and fostering collective change. For media inquiries or to attend the launch event, please contact:

Nina Byrne
ILMI Communications
Phone: 086 77 44 992

About ILMI:

Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI) is a cross impairment disabled person’s organisation (DPO). A leading organisation dedicated to promoting Human Rights, Collective Empowerment, and Social Justice for disabled people. ILMI strives to create a society where everyone can live to their full potential. Visit ILMI’s Website for more information.

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