Independent Living Movement Ireland

Governance, Accountability and Transparency

We will maintain the highest standards of Governance, accountability and transparency to our members and funders and will develop a funding strategy to secure the sustainability of the organisation.

What will we do?

We will:
  • Meet all legal and financial requirements, such as under the Charities Act 2009, and the Lobbying Act 2015.
  • With its board and staff, ensure that the organisation meets all obligations under the Governance Code.
  • Support the ILMI board with relevant training to meet all legal, financial and HR requirements.
  • Publish an annual report and audited accounts and present to members as part of the AGM.
  • Cost, plan and seek appropriate resources to deliver on all aspects of this Strategic Plan.
  • Update members regularly on all aspects of its work to make sure everyone has the information they need to participate in the organisation.
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