Strategies for Change

Independent Living Movement Ireland

Disability and Culture

Dr James Casey introduced the concept of culture and how both culture and disability has changed over time and will continue to change, that’s where we (disabled people) have to work collectively and “be the change-makers”.

Culture is a term used to explain how humans behave and the norms found within different human societies. It is also about beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of people in these groups.

Over time the human form has evolved and was not always perfect, and this was the norm in the in ancient, and medieval times but characteristics of humans were nearly always dominated by being male, white, strong, and powerful.

It is worth noting that before the industrial revolution disabled people were just part of being, they did whatever they could and were just part of the human experience.

When the industrial revolution came into play things radically changed for disabled people and production and Capitalism became the norm. Society started to examine the deficits of disabled people and deemed them “unfit for production”.

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