ILMI Personal Assistance Service Campaign

Time to have our Voices Heard #PASNOW

As part of our strategic plan we have identified that one of the ways to bring about change is to work together as a collective. We need to lobby for change in a consistent, collective way and to ensure that disabled people are empowered the length and breadth of the country to let politicians know what changes need to happen in policy development and service delivery to build a truly inclusive society.

Effective campaigns are strategic. They focus on specific goals and get everyone to relay the same message across the political spectrum. Our first strategic campaign is to bring about change in the resourcing and delivery of the Personal Assistance Service. We have held workshops on activism in Ennis, Leitrim, Dublin, Donegal, Cork and Galway so that disabled people can bring a consistent strategic message to their politicians and make them understand what we want from our Personal Assistance Service.

Budget 2019 has announced an additional €150 million for disability services. How that will be spent will be based on the HSE developing their service plan for 2019 in the next few weeks for Ministerial Approval.

Collectively, we need to have our voice heard. If we don’t lobby to ensure that this increase spend makes a real difference in disabled people’s lives, we can be certain that other groups will lobby for other services that will not promote inclusion of disabled people in society. If we don’t want that to happen, we need to act. We need as many people as possible to become active agents of change to build a more just, inclusive Ireland.

Political lobbying works. In order for this campaign to be effective, we need all our members to begin lobbying their TDs now. We have developed PowerPoint workshop that outlines how to lobby effectively. We have the contact details of all TDs in order that you can bring your message to them. We have a one pager on the PAS that you can print off and bring to your local TD : ILMI Personal Assistance Campaign Leaflet

Representatives of ILMI have begun to meet elected representatives in the Dáil to bring our message to them. But our campaign will only be effective if TDs meet with their constituents and hear what the people who vote them in actually want. Get mobilised, get involved and have your voice heard – and do it now!!!

We need to influence how resources are allocated and to ensure that the Department of Health, the HSE and Minister Finian McGrath know that resourcing the PAS to enable disabled people to live real independent lives needs to be the priority in how this allocation is spent. That decision needs to be based on what disabled people want: